Blue Marble Journeys

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Seeing the world through God's eyes
"The heavens declare the glory of God." Psalm 19:1
About Blue Marble Journeys
Blue Marble Journeys was created to provide travel experiences that will help individuals grow in their Christian faith. 

The goal of Blue Marble Journeys is that through these travel experiences people will grow in their knowledge of God, be challenged in their continuing search for the truth of God, and be encouraged in their faith to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

​The photo of earth from space (used with permission by NASA) is an appropriate image for this company as earth from this viewpoint can be referred to as the "blue marble." With the emphasis of this travel ministry on expressing and strengthening a biblical worldview, what better way to see the world than from God's viewpoint?
Committed to helping people grow in their Christian faith through travel
Mike Nieland retired from teaching and coaching after 33 years to follow God’s calling to lead a faith-based travel ministry which emphasizes a biblical worldview.  His passion is biblical archaeology as the ruins and discoveries have only validated biblical truth. 

Mike has strongly been impacted by the teachings of Ray Vander Laan through That the World May Know ministries and the work of Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis.
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